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why is virtual design so great?

Virtual design is interior design services offered completely virtually. Virtual design is simple, and affordable, making it a great option for an array of different people. Anyone, anywhere around the world can work with Bullard Design Studios without having to worry about location. You'll receive a full design board and shopping list to purchase applicable furniture and accessories.

What is virtual design?

learning experience

You're heavily involved in the process, allowing you, the client, to learn about design and really get to know your space. You'll take photos and measurements of your own space, and share some inspiration images. After your design board is in your hands, you'll follow the images, and guides, and purchase items from the shopping list to set up your space.


Virtual design is done on a smaller scale (i.e. one room at a time) which means a completed design will be to you quickly, within two weeks.

You're doing some of the legwork in sending in photos, measuring, and handling orders for items coming into the space, which means you won't have to pay the designer to do these things. This will save you money to spend on furniture and finishes that end up in your own space. Virtual design is a flat rate per room so you'll know your design costs right up front.



Once you receive your design board and shopping list it's up to you how quickly you move forward. You can decide if you want to order everything at once or purchase items over time.

Is virtual design right for me?

Here are some things to help you consider your decision to move forward with virtual design:

You’re comfortable only communicating virtually. You are okay to text/email/call/video chat to communicate with your designer.

You don’t mind a little work on your end. You're comfortable measuring your space accurately and taking photos. You have no problem shopping and can set up your space on your own.

You are able to articulate what you want your space to look and feel like. You already have inspiration and ultimately need someone to put it together in a way that makes sense but is still unique to who you are.

You want to get started quickly. You’d like to get a completed design board in your hands sooner rather than later.

You are able to hire help on your own. You have no issue hiring contractors you may need, like painters or installers, to get your project done.

If the following statements feel like a better fit, you should move forward with in-person design:

You'd rather have in-person communication with your designer and someone to walk through your home during construction or design meetings

You need your space measured and photographed for you.

You need custom work done and need assistance in that process

You want someone to handle ordering pieces and managing deliveries

You need someone else to complete the installation of all the furniture, rugs, and accessories that have been ordered.

myths about virtual design:

Virtual design is just a pre-made design, and won't be unique to me.

On occasion, clients have some misunderstandings about working on projects via virtual design. To clear the air, here are some common myths.

This is certainly not how it works at Bullard Design Studio. Before your design is even begun, you'll tell us all about your space and your vision (via a questionnaire) and then we'll have a discovery call to make sure we're on the same page. We'll consider your individual needs, use of the space, and your design style. We even offer a free round of revisions!

Virtual design is like a home makeover show

We've got great designers at Bullard Design Studio, but we aren't able to deliver a full room design and installation in 2 days with a $500 budget. If only, right? Virtual design isn't an overnight quick fix, it takes time, as all good things do. We'll work within your budget, and help you get the most for your space, but materials and furniture for your space will cost what the retailer charges, and we can't change that. 

Virtual design is easier for designers.

This isn't true! Virtual design is no easier or harder for our designers than in-person design. Our team may not have to have a full install day or handle orders and returns, but we put in a lot of time and effort to get your design exactly how you envisioned. Communicating exclusively virtually, and never actually stepping into your home can be a small challenge, but our designers go the extra mile to make sure the products we choose for your space will be just right. 

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