Our goal is always to create a clean, timeless, sophisticated look and feel without compromising functionality.

Each of our individual custom designs are known for their function, beauty and personality.

about us

Throughout Amanda's career, she has been fortunate enough to work in the corporate world for many years. This has given her a unique perspective on what is missing in a customized workspace, as well as a deep understanding of how different spaces can come together and function in incredible ways. She has a passion for making a space look and feel just like the company brand.

“A home is a haven where memories are made and should feel equally beautiful, sophisticated, lived-in and loved.”

As a mom of four busy kids, she understands the importance of making a home function for each individual family’s needs.

Amanda leads a talented team who are dedicated to designing beautiful, inviting spaces for both residential and commercial clients. She has an incredible eye for detail and is extremely passionate about each space being uniquely beautiful and functional. She believes there is no beauty without function.

“I believe that we are a creature of our environment, and if we live or work in a beautiful space, we become a more beautiful, well-rounded individual who can see and think clearly, create and love more.”

Creative Director & CEO

amanda bullard




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